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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Jephyr Visits Motorcycles On Main - Downtown Mesa, Arizona

Event participants arriving at Motorcycles On Main - Photo: 2016, Jephyr - All Rights Reserved
Event participants arriving at Motorcycles On Main


Last Friday (6-3-16) I went to Mesa, Arizona's downtown for "Motorcycles On Main".

It takes place between 6 and 10pm, every first Friday of the month except July and August.

Photo:  2016, Jephyr - All Rights Reserved
Bikes along the street - while a band performs in the background

The city restricts cars for several blocks along Main...and only motorcycles are allowed in.

They call it a "Shine and Show" event.

Photo:  2016, Jephyr - All Rights Reserved
A custom bike on display at MOM

I arrived there early...too early in fact...because it was still blisteringly hot.

There were a few vendors setting up...and a band was getting ready, tuning their guitars and warming up.  Otherwise, because of the heat, it was pretty dead until later.

So I found shade on the north side of the street and wandered around a bit taking a few shots.

Photo:  2016, Jephyr - All Rights Reserved
One of the many statues along Main

By 7pm things were beginning to pick up.  There were a lot more riders who had come in...and by then two bands were playing on either end of the block.

It was still hot so most people rode off their bikes (mostly Harley-Davidson) and found some cool air and a frosty drink in a bar or restaurant along the street.

Photo:  2016, Jephyr - All Rights Reserved
Folks enjoying the band, a cold one...and talking bikes

Things were finally getting going around 7:30pm or so...but I had to fly.

I hope you enjoy a few of the pics I took there...just snapshots really...nothing fancy.

If you see yourself or bike...feel free to make a comment and let me know what you thought about the event...or if you know someone in a photo, or see their bike, please send them a link.

Thanks for stopping by!